9 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for 2023

If there was a single, definitive CRO mantra, it would probably be these five words: “test, test, and test again!”

Tweaking different variants of a website – such as CTA button color, shape, or size, or playing around with multiple versions of the same landing page or email – is crucial. And here’s where A/B testing (comparing two versions of a variable) and multivariate testing (contrasting several different variables) comes in.

To design these tests, begin with a clear hypothesis, and identify the variable (or variables) you estimate will have the biggest impact on conversions. These might be headlines, CTAs, imagery, or copy. Be sure, too, that you have a clear idea of which element of your website’s engagement metrics – be it bounce rate, time on page, or conversion rate alone – you’re measuring.

To interpret these tests, adopt a scientific, statistical mindset. Avoid jumping to premature conclusions, and make sure any results have statistical significance before making changes to your website off the back of them.