AI Tools, Bundles, and More

Most notable is its new AI commerce assistant, Shopify Sidekick, and users can sign up for early access now. The purpose of Shopify Sidekick is in the name – it’s a powerful helping hand that merchants can use in a variety of ways. The AI tool can support you with day-to-day work, carry out research, answer your questions, and find solutions to problems in seconds. All of this saves you time to focus on other business areas.

One of the biggest drops from Shopify’s Summer ‘23 Edition is its suite of AI features. While these aren’t all new, Shopify has increased and improved its offering overall.

Shopify Sidekick complements Shopify’s suite of free AI-powered features, known as Shopify Magic. These tools help generate content for your online store (e.g. product descriptions and blog posts), support email campaigns using Shopify Email, and work alongside Shopify Inbox to improve the customer experience.

As Tobi Lütke, Founder and CEO of Shopify, shared during the announcement:

Shopify Magic can generate smart replies to respond to live chat queries on your behalf, meaning customers can receive support right away. In partnership with Shopify Inbox, Shopify Magic can also compose instant answers for common questions that you can tweak to suit your store. If there are further questions, it’ll even create a suggested response which you can review within Shopify Inbox before sending.

“I can’t actually think of any corner of the internet that will benefit more from AI than the pursuit of people building and growing their own businesses.”

Using Shopify Magic to generate a product description for a t-shirt
I asked Shopify Magic to generate a product description for my test website.


For example, you can ask Shopify Sidekick questions you’d usually ask Google or Shopify’s Help Center, or even make Sidekick take on tasks, such as tweaking your site’s overall appearance or adding a new product collection to the homepage.