Bad Websites – 15 Worst Website Designs to Avoid in 2023

The Industrial Painters
The Industrial Painters website features too many visual elements that don’t compliment each other in any way.

The website for The Industrial Painters, a business for commercial painting contractors, could be drastically improved. 

The design is simplistic, but the dark blue and black color scheme is harsh on the eyes. 

There’s no sense of brand identity either, with the website featuring a mix of stock imagery, unique brand images, cartoons, and animations. 

While the homepage does have a sidebar menu, the brand has also chosen to add a menu in the middle of the homepage – a choice that seems bizarre to us and creates a poor user experience. 

Making navigation easy is a key web design requirement so make sure your navigation menu is straightforward to find. You can even choose to use a “sticky” menu which means it will remain at the top of the page as users scroll through your content.