Best Real Estate Website Builders of 2023

Placester is designed for big real estate websites, and for this has sacrificed a lot of ease of use – and there is no customer support in place to hold your hand through the process. Customer reviews also complain that the platform is glitchy and outdated.

We’re always a little wary of recommending platforms where the website builder part is secondary to the main offering, which is the case with RealtorMint. It offers great CRM software for your real estate business, but with a pretty basic website builder. It’s okay, but not a candidate for our top choices just yet.

#5. AgentFire

Rather than just a website builder, Propertybase is a scalable, comprehensive real estate platform – and its price tag reflects this. We see it as a good solution for teams, but not great value for individual agents.

#4. RealtorMint

Ylopo is another platform that’s more of an overall digital marketing solution than a website builder. Again, Ylopo is better suited to a larger team of agents than for those working solo. It does have some really helpful features, like the ability to add a “microsite” for each team member within the website as a whole.


Above, we showcased the seven winning website builders from our real estate-specific research. Below are some real estate platforms you may have been surprised didn’t make the cut. While they still deserve a mention, we’ll also explain why they’re not in our top seven.

#1. Placester

This is a problem we see time and time again with ‘niche’ website builders – they have useful features, but don’t have the same backing and investment as larger platforms, so basics can fall by the wayside.

#2. Intagent

Placester is a dedicated real estate website builder, so of course it comes with a whole load of really useful features for real estate websites built right in. Its prices start at $79 per month, paid annually, which is considerably more than other website builders. However, you won’t have to worry about things like choosing an unsuitable template or having to manually integrate IDX.

It’s a very similar story with Intagent, another feature-rich but dated platform. Intagent does offer a web design package, so if you’re looking to outsource the actual building of your website, this could be something worth looking into. Just steer clear of the $29.95 per month website builder package.

#3. Propertybase

AgentFire is an expensive option, but does come with much more support than a typical website builder. Prices start at $299 per month, and this is just for a pretty standard website builder package. On top of this, essential “add-ons,” such as that all-important IDX integration, will quickly add up – IDX in particular costing $30 per month. Custom design assistance is available, but costs a huge $2,499 per month.

#6. Realtyna

Realtyna has created plugins and themes for real estate websites built with WordPress. Both are worth a look if you’re going down the WordPress route, but it isn’t a standalone platform in its own right.

#7. Ylopo