Doctor Website Design | 10 Examples To Inspire You 2023

1. Dr Frank McCormick MD, Orthopedic Surgeon 


A simple website which is easy to navigate. The only way we would improve this site is replacing the stock imagery.

This great website from Dr. McCormick offers a solid example of an engaging, easy-to-navigate website. The use of bold colors really makes this design stand out. The use of professional images of Dr. McComick also helps to establish an element of trust.

Notice how the most important parts of the website (contact options) really pop off the page, making it clear to visitors what they should do when they want to take the next step.

To make this website better, we would recommend limiting the number of menu options to avoid confusion. The use of generic imagery could also be swapped to make this site more personalized.

2. Peds on Wheels 


The clean navigation makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Peds on Wheels have opted for a one-page website, which is ideal for businesses trying to keep things as simple as possible. By simply clicking the top menu, you are directed to the part of the page that has the information you are looking for this. This approach is certainly something you should consider for your own doctor’s website if you don’t want to overcomplicate things.

The ‘Let’s Chat’ function also lets visitors easily reach out with any additional questions they may have.

Including the ability to book appointments would make this doctor’s website design perfect.

3. SkinPharm 


This site combines a professional doctor website with smart e-commerce functionality.

This website by SkinPharm is built on Shopify and takes medical websites to the next level. This site has fully embraced the online space and even takes advantage of Shopify’s advanced ecommerce functions.

The homepage design perfectly balances simplicity with beautiful images. It also includes two key calls to action, directing visitors to the areas of the site where they can book into the clinic or buy products directly.

This website is a great example and there is very little we would change to make it better.

4. Truecare 


Bright, bold colors make this doctor website really pop out of the screen.

Bold and bright, this website by Truecare is another brilliant example of an inspirational doctor’s website.

Note the use of color on this website. It really makes the key elements stand out from the page. This can be applied to your own website but should be done with care as too much color or the wrong use of colors can make the contents of the page look messy and hard to navigate.

5. Posturefixx


The personalized header image makes this site look and feel very professional.

Modern and striking, this design by Posturefixx really makes a visual impact. What we love about this site is how simple it is. There are just a few menu options to select from and a clear call to action in the top right corner, making the next steps easy. Try this on your own site – limiting clickable menu options to only the most essential.

The use of an online chat also makes it really easy for you to provide great online customer service, to help customers get their questions answered quickly.

6. Amanda’s Family Medicine 


Using large sized font can help you deliver a message with high impact.

This website for Amanda’s Family Medicine is a fantastic example of how simple a doctor’s website can be. This is an ideal design for those who want to create a calm, yet professional feeling around their website. The use of a single topical image is a great way to pull attention to the most important parts of the page.

The inclusion of a ‘Meet the Team’ page (like that pictured) can help really add a personal element to your website. However, we would recommend adding more information and images to make the page stand out.

7. Dr Christopher Wakely 


Using a natural header image gives this website a very calming vibe.

Dr Christopher Wakely’s website is a stunning example, showing a clean design which has a big impact.

One thing that really stands out about this design is the clear call to action, emphasised by the white space surrounding it in the top right corner.

When designing your own website it can pay dividends to consider what’s most important to you. Do you want more sign-ups? More calls? An increase in email enquiries? Make sure to include plenty of prominent calls to action that center around that goal and are easy for your users to find – just like this example.

8. Dr Jennifer Kong


Making a clear statement on your homepage can grab visitors’ attention and draw them in.

This website from Dr Jennifer Kong keeps things simple and to the point. Using just three options in the menu with further drop-downs makes it easy for customers to navigate, one way of following navigation best practices. This can limit customer frustration and make it less likely that visitors will bounce away from the site.

Like in this example, consider adding a map to your doctor’s website. This will help customers better understand where you are in relation to their own location and add an element of familiarity for those who are from the local area.

9. Eastside Integrative Medicine 


Use clear links to the most important sections of your website.

This stunning design for Eastside Integrative Medicine uses a calming color palette to put visitors at ease. This is something you should consider for your own website, as it can help put apprehensive visitors at ease.

Again, we see the use of personal imagery to add an element of trust and integrity to this site. It’s also easy to navigate, helping visitors find everything they need in just a few clicks.

10. Pinnacle


Bold images combines with simple images can help make your homepage stand out.

Built on WordPress, this website from Pinnacle Health Care is a great example of how to use white space alongside bright colors for maximum impact.

This site offers a lot, with a menu consisting of nine options. This may be a little too much and may confuse your visitors, so limiting menu options and other homepage links can be worthwhile.