Hostinger Launches AI Assistant for VPS Customers

Hostinger VPS homepage. A purple background with a man on the right next to white text.
Source: Hostinger
  • Hostinger has introduced an AI Assistant to help customers with all their AI-related queries
  • The AI Assistant is free for all VPS customers to use

The hosting provider already boasts a long list of customer support options for VPS customers, such as a large catalog of VPS tutorials, as well as a 24/7 Customer Success team. However, its newest innovation is programmed to eliminate the need for endless FAQ scrolling, delivering answers to tricky VPS queries in seconds.

Currently, Hostinger’s VPS AI Assistant is being beta tested, and users are being encouraged to leave feedback in order to help with its development.


But the AI isn’t just designed to provide instructions. It can also produce a step-by-step guide to help customers install certain services on their VPS. The assistant will provide all the commands, meaning that the user can copy and paste the code directly.

Hostinger has stated that although the AI Assistant works best in English, it can understand other languages. This is something we’re pleased to hear, given that offering multiple languages promotes accessibility and makes the brand more appealing to customers who don’t use English, a serious benefit of AI customer service systems.

Hostinger’s website builder already makes extensive use of AI, offering numerous tools to simplify the building process for its users. It’s no surprise that this technology has made its way over to the hosting side of the business, solidifying Hostinger’s reputation as a brand that isn’t afraid to take advantage of the benefits AI has to offer.

The AI Assistant is a free feature that VPS customers can take advantage of. Users can access it by logging into their account, selecting the VPS dashboard, and choosing their server. The AI Assistant is available on the panel to the left and users can treat it like a chatbot, entering their query and receiving an answer in seconds.

VPS hosting isn’t as straightforward as shared or cloud hosting. This means that more often than not, VPS customers need an extra helping hand to fix any hosting problems that might pop up. That’s why Hostinger has made good on its reputation as an AI-forward hosting service with its brand-new VPS-specific AI Assistant.