How to Create Your Review Website From Scratch in 7 Steps

Now you’re armed with a purpose and a website structure plan, it’s time to pick the best website builder for your review site.

Luckily, almost all of the most popular website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy include the type of functionality you may need to create a fantastic and highly functional review website.

Which one is right for you will depend on several factors such as your budget, technical knowledge, and needs. For example, Wix is a fantastic website builder for those with minimal experience in website creation, offering countless tools to help you build a stunning website. On the other hand, WordPress is great for those with advanced web design knowledge, allowing for a much greater level of flexibility.

How you get started will vary slightly based on the platform you pick. However, they typically follow a process similar to this:

Sign Up 

The majority of website platforms are incredibly easy to sign up for. Just fill out your details, confirm your email address and you’re ready to go.

Once signed up, you’ll need to pick a payment plan. Each plan will offer different features based on the price you pay. For example, the cheapest plans will typically include only a domain name and a small amount of storage. More expensive plans will usually come with lots of extras such as email accounts and even advertising budgets.

Pick and Customize Your Template 

You’re now ready to get started with your website design.

It’s important to take time to pick the best template for your site, because this will have a big impact on your user experience. When picking a template, consider how it looks and feels, but also use the plan you have created in the previous step to ensure it will meet your needs.

Most website platforms will let you make edits to the templates they offer, so you can align your chosen design with your brand and provide a smooth customer experience. 

Add Pages and Organize Your Website

With your template in place and on brand, it’s time to add your pages.

With your plan to hand, this should be fairly straightforward. Systematically work through your plan, adding pages and creating the content for them. Finally, ensure that you add the most important pages to your top navigation menu.

Pick a Domain Name 

Picking the right domain name is the last step in getting your website ready to launch.

With millions of websites already live, it can be tricky to find one. Here are some tips to help:

  1. If your website is brand related, consider brand-related domains such as [BrandName]
  2. Consider names that would be good for SEO such as [productniche],[productniche].com or www.[productniche]
  3. Consider domain names that would feel familiar and/or memorable to potential visitors (without copying others in your niche)
  4. Avoid domain names that are too long or complicated such as www.[productniche] or www.[productniche]