Interview with Bayu Prihandito: A Shopify Success Story

I did my 200 hours yoga course in India in a city called Goa. My intention was I wanted to have another skill to help people to know themselves fully. I built Life Architekture with the Three Months Program through this holistic approach. We are working on the four pillars, the intellectual, emotional pillar, physical pillar, and also the spiritual.

I fell in love with the philosophical part of it. One of the topics that I really liked was about the inner child, becoming closer with your inner child, and then you have some conversation with your inner child, that part I really loved. And then there’s obviously the physical part where you are learning how to teach Yoga. I was having at least three hours a day of the physical-yoga part, and this part hones the discipline.

I believe that these pillars have to be balanced. Also in my experience, if I pursue happiness it gives the taste as though I can’t reach that space. When I reach happiness, and I expect it to be there always, obviously we will be disappointed because happiness comes and goes. So, what I’m offering is more of the calmness and inner peace, and an understanding that happiness, just like other emotions, comes and goes.

When other emotions other than happiness, when you feel sadness, instead accept that those emotions are actually a positive experience because if you have an aversion against those kinds of emotions, it causes suffering — you’re not accepting of the present moment. And it’s actually all that we have.