Semrush Introducing Ecommerce Booster App for Shopify Stores

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  • Popular SEO software Semrush has introduced a new Ecommerce Booster app for Shopify stores.
  • Ecommerce Booster will audit your online store’s product pages and give you a list of SEO fixes to make so you can sell better.

Semrush, a digital marketing platform, has introduced an Ecommerce Booster app for the Shopify store. The app audits your Shopify store for SEO fixes and then gives you a detailed checklist with step-by-step instructions so you can start selling better. 

How Does It Work?

According to Semrush’s own guide on its site, Ecommerce Booster will crawl your site for issues and points of improvement for user experience (UX), text, visual content, page speed, and accessibility.

Then, Ecommerce Booster will make a series of tasks for you to complete, organized by both priority and category. For instance, you may want to optimize mobile conversions and complete every task related to that. Ecommerce Booster also includes the AI Boost feature, which uses AI to solve smaller tasks for quick wins.

The tasks are given detailed breakdowns on why things need to be changed, with the goal to teach you SEO as you use the software. Semrush also keeps track of all your progress, letting you make weekly audits so you can stay on top of the highest-priority tasks.

Semrush is used by over 10 million professionals worldwide and is a major SEO and keyword research tool for digital marketing. Originally, it was third-party only and mainly used for WordPress sites. However, Wix announced in 2022 it would integrate with the SEO software and allow its users to perform keyword research from within Wix, giving it a major edge over other website builders at the time.

With this new app for Shopify specifically designed for SEO relating to ecommerce, it could show a willingness from Semrush to give its tools to the website-building industry – a move we and many of our readers would be grateful for.

The Ecommerce Booster app is free to download from the Shopify store, but there is also a paid plan for $29.99 per month.

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