User-Generated Content Campaigns | 10 Examples to Inspire You

Doritos UGC campaign
Doritos Legion of the Bold encourages creative user-generated content themed around Doritos products.

The ongoing campaign encourages Doritos fans and customers to create their own unique and often hilarious Doritos-themed content. 

This is a great way of encouraging users to create unique content. And, by creating a specific website, the brand also has access to key stats such as traffic numbers and downloads. 


The website also includes challenges that users can enter, such as Doritos-inspired Thanksgiving recipes or Doritos-themed social media wallpapers. 

The brand set up a dedicated website for the campaign where users can go for the chance to create an array of Doritos-themed content from Doritos recipes, Doritos memes, and even fake Doritos products (Tangy Cheese candles, anyone?!).

Doritos Legion of the Bold is one of the most creative, and successful, user-generated content examples we’ve come across to date. 

Not only does the winner of the challenges usually win a cash prize, but Doritos also shares the user-generated content across its social media, with some of the best posts gaining thousands of likes and comments.