Wix Announces AI Tool That Creates Your Whole Website

What’s more, Wix is going to release an AI Assistant for managing the business side. Wix’s CEO said:

Similar to the recent announcement of Shopify Sidekick, Wix will also have an AI assistant to hand. The big difference it seems between the two AI assistants is that Shopify’s will do tasks on command when you ask the AI to do something – while Wix’s will actively suggest website improvements to make for you. This could be a huge help to small businesses who don’t know what needs to be updated or checked.

Along with the Site Generator, Wix users will gain an AI Page and Section Creator. Instead of looking at the preselected page sections and pages to add to your website, you’ll be able to go straight into Wix AI and ask it directly to create a certain page with the elements you want. This could make building a website even quicker with Wix.

“We are now working on a new AI Assistant tool. It will suggest improvements for your website and create strategies based on personalized analytics and site trends. The best thing is that it will help you with your day-to-day tasks to take your business to the next level. I truly enjoy this product and that it will help you boost your business.”

But for now, we’re still not sure whether these new AI tools will benefit businesses, since we can’t test them firsthand to let you know yet. They certainly promise a money and time-saving solution, but we will hold off on saying whether they’re worth your time until we’ve tested them to know for sure.